13 February 2014

NIVO’s vending operators choose Coffetek as Equipment Supplier of the year 2013

NIVO (National Independent Vending Operators) organization was created in 1988 and currently consists of 280 vending operators. These operators voted Coffetek as equipment supplier of the year 2013. Besides, the company has also received during AVEX 2013 the industry award for the best Equipment Supplier of the year 2013.

The 280 NIVO members, including important companies such as LTT, Apogee, Cambridge Vending, Connect Vending, Capital Vending, Gem Vending, NVCS, Vending Solutions & West Country vending, these companies were asked to choose from over 16 Equipment Suppliers. Coffetek was the most voted supplier over all.

This award represents the continuous hard work and effort made by Coffetek in order to fulfil the UK’s vending operator’s needs. The company is constantly investing in R&D trying to develop the highest performance and quality equipment. A clear example is the Espresso Barista V20, a 10-14gr coffee espresso group built for a long performance as the ones that could be found in high street coffee-shops.

Most probably all of these efforts to satisfy their customer’s needs have made Coffetek achieve the best Equipment Supplier 2013 award.