25 June 2021

Azkoyen and Irisbond present the first coffee machine with EyeTracking at the Mobile World Congress

Azkoyen and the IRISBOND company, a pioneer in EyeTracking technologies, presented the innovative pilot project of the first coffee machine controlled solely by eye gaze at the Mobile World Congress.

This innovation has been incorporated into the Vitro M5 model machine manufactured by the Azkoyen Group. This is an automatic coffee machine with innovative micro injected air (MIA) technology, patented by Azkoyen, which makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent foam that maximises the quality of the drinks.

IRISBOND is the perfect technological partner for the integration of EyeTracking technology in Azkoyen machines. An application that communicates with the coffee machine has been used in its development. In this way, the machine manages which products are offered and the application represents them so that the selection can be made using only the eyes, without touching anything with your hands.

According to Juanje Alberdi, CEO of the Azkoyen Group’s Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies divisions:

“We are very pleased and excited about this agreement, as it allows us to be part of a new environment and to make rapid progress in meeting the needs of the consumer of the future.  It opens up new ways to offer an improved user experience, new possibilities for interaction and guides the user towards a new form of consumerism. Continuing with the touchless trend, we already developed and patented the Distance Selection technology during the pandemic, which allows products to be selected without the need for physical contact with the surface of the machine. This partnership with Irisbond takes us a step further, in order to bring more value to customers and users.”

A pilot project adapted to the new scenario of interaction with machines.

COVID-19 has changed our perception of prevention and safety. Avoiding contact is becoming a habit, hence there is already a preference for the use of non-touch solutions in everyday transactions, which has fuelled this trend towards touchless technologies. This project is a clear example of how EyeTracking technology offers a new way of interacting and communicating with the environment.