28 April 2016

Azkoyen chosen to provide the vending service at the Almaty Ice Arena (Kazakhstan)

The company has signed an agreement with the Kazakhstani government, via the distributor KVC, to install its vending machines in the sports facility

The complex, the base for the Universiada 2017, will open its doors in August and will be the largest in Kazakhstan

Azkoyen has been chosen to provide the vending machines for the Almaty Ice Arena, the most important and largest sporting venue in Kazakhstan and the most important for the future Universiade 2017. This is a new project for the Azkoyen with the Government of this Central Asian country. The company was previously chosen for its machines to provide the service at the Winter Olympics in Asia, held in the same country in 2011.

Azkoyen, via KVC Kazakh Vending Company, the leading distributor in the region, has signed an agreement with the Kazakhstani Government to proceed with the installation of the vending machines at the Ice Arena.

The complex, still under construction, consists of three blocks: an ice rink with 12,000 seats, a training circuit with fitness area and a swimming pool. The layout of the ice rink will allow it to be used as a universal platform for figure skating, ice hockey, boxing, basketball and volleyball, as well as a concert hall with seating for 5,000 people. It will have a total area of 99,600 m2.