25 March 2019

Azkoyen introduces its new machines at the Euvend & Coffeena 2019 trade fair in Cologne, Germany

Azkoyen will be attending the upcoming Euvend & Coffeena 2019 trade fair (Cologne, Germany, 9-11 May 2019), where it will exhibit the new Vitro S1 Table Top coffee machine and the Vitro S5 model with 20 selections, integrated means of payment and variable chamber coffee group, as well as the free-standing Neo Touch coffee machines and the Mistral+ Touch spiral machine.

The Vitro S1 is a Table Top professional coffee machine designed to offer the highest quality hot drinks made from espresso coffee. It is notable for its ultramodern design that is both compact and lightweight, for ease of use and movement. This model is designed to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning, simple refilling of coffee and soluble ingredients, easy filling of the water tank and emptying of the solid waste tray.

In addition, the new Vitro S5 model with 20 selections, integrated payment devices and the new coffee group with the variable chamber will also be presented. The V30 Espresso Group is the new pre-infusion and dispensing system that extracts the maximum taste and aroma with a perfect creaminess from any blend of roasted coffee. AZK Barista is able to adjust the amount dispensed to between 7 and 14 grams, allowing the intensity of the coffee to be adapted to the tastes of the consumer. In addition, the unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows constant self-regulation, in accordance with the quality of the coffees served.

The new free-standing Neo Touch coffee machines feature a touch screen that allows the user to play videos, as well as to choose and personalise the drinks from a wide and intuitive menu. The graphic interface and the purchase process have been designed to improve the customer experience and to simplify the programming and maintenance tasks of the machine.

This technology has also been incorporated into the new Mistral+ Touch, a vending machine capable of adapting to all types of products and locations, and now equipped with all the features and functionalities of the Touch panel.