25 June 2013

Azkoyen launches its new website www.azkoyenvending.com

Azkoyen presents its new website, which focuses on its vending product range and represents far closer contact with operators by applying a policy of information transparency that is new to the sector. Operators can use the website to find out information about the company’s models, the technology used in each product and the accessories available for each range, as well as their technical specifications.

“We believe that, to make decisions, operators need to have comprehensive information about the machine that will be the key stone of their business,” explains Eduardo Andueza, Marketing Manager of Azkoyen Vending Systems. “We have tried to assist operators in their purchasing decisions by providing as much information as possible, presented in an attractive, intuitive way, using fresh language and focusing on what is really important: the profitability of their business.”

New Locations section, a new focus for segmenting ranges

In addition to the traditional product segmentation by product type, Azkoyen has also included segmentation that is better adapted to how operators actually work. The Locations section recommends machines according to the location where they will be installed. Recommendations are made based on the characteristics and general features of each Azkoyen range and the most common needs and demand for products at these locations. This selection lets the operator reduce the time spent on analysing the characteristics of each range, because it provides guidance on the models that may be suitable for new vending points or locations where operators want to update their set of machines.

A dynamic page that is constantly updated

The Azkoyen Vending website intends to become the standard communication point used to maintain continuous contact with its clients. The Azkoyen newsletter “En tu día a día” provides users with information about the constant developments at the brand and interesting details about market studies and analysis applied to improving the profitability of operations that use Azkoyen equipment. New content and developments will also be published on the website and highlighted on its home page and in the newsletter.