30 July 2018

Azkoyen machines on trains of the national Georgian Railways

Azkoyen has entered into an agreement with the JSC Georgian Railways to have installed its machines on the new Georgian trains operating on the line connecting Tbilisi to the coast of Batumi.

During the month of June, the first installations were completed for trains using the Mistral+ H85 model, characterized as a very robust and flexible snack and cold drinks vending machine, making it capable of being used to dispense all types of products, along with the Palma+ H70 model for specific areas along the train where smaller machines are required. To ensure utmost safety, special support brackets have been installed in order to avoid any inertia issues while the trains are operational.

JSC Georgian Railways is the national railway company of Georgia, based in the country’s capital, Tbilisi, which is more than 50% state-owned. Founded in 1872, it provides freight and passenger rail transport services, along with the activities of maintaining and developing railway infrastructure as well as property management.