15 November 2018

Azkoyen participates at European Vending Experience 2018

 Azkoyen once again attends the European Vending Experience (EVEX 2018) held on 15-16 November in Seville.

Azkoyen will highlight the Zensia Double Espresso and the Vitro X4 DUO at EVEX. The Zensia Double Espresso incorporates two coffee grain hoppers and two grinders that dispense two types of coffee: one for less expensive selections and another for higher quality and higher priced selections, which also has a sophisticated beverage personalisation capability that makes it a perfect choice for any environment. Moreover, the Vitro X4 DUO, with its 10-inch screen and its capacity to make loose leaf tea and espresso coffee, is the ideal option for large offices, corporate buildings, catering events and high demand locations. Both models perfectly combine clean, attractive, durable, functional and easy-to-maintain designs.