26 May 2017

Azkoyen showcases new models in its successful Vitro series at the EU’Vend trade fair in Cologne

Azkoyen is once again attending the EU´Vend Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, which from 27 to 29 April is hosting some of the world’s leading players in the vending and coffee industry, where it will be introducing its latest developments.

Azkoyen is continuing to invest in technologies for expending gourmet coffee and, in turn, improving the consumer experience. This commitment means that Azkoyen will be launching new models in the Vitro series, which is the umbrella brand for a wide range of automatic vending machines for professional coffee with different capacities, functions and processes for the preparation of beverages.

A highlight is the Vitro S5 model, which provides an ample supply of ground coffee, as well as milk, chocolate, decaffeinated coffee and instant tea, fully covering the demand of buffet breakfasts in hotels, catering arrangements, and other community facilities.

Also at EU´Vend, Azkoyen will be launching the Vitro M3 model, a machine that is perfectly suited to the Horeca food service industry, as it prepares delicious drinks with fresh milk. Through the latest generation technologies, users may savour genuine, aromatic cappuccinos, milk coffees, and lattes of coffee-shop quality with a deliciously creamy milk froth.

Last but not least, the company will be introducing the Vitro X4 Espresso, which has large product hoppers and the option of a new multimedia screen for drawing customers’ attention and improving the user experience.