21 April 2023

Azkoyen Wins the If Design Award for its innovative Coffee machine NEO Q

Neo Q has been awarded with the prestigious iF Design Award 2023, the world-renowned design prize. An internationally recognized prize that honors design achievements in all disciplines. Neo Q, the revolutionary esspresso coffee machine and water fountain machine has become the first Coffee freestanding machine to receive the prestigious iF Design Award.

Neo Q’s exceptional design, engineering, and innovation have made it a standout product in the market. Its elegant and modern design, intuitive touch screen interface, and efficient energy usage make it an ideal addition to any office or communal space. Not only is Neo Q a top-of-the-line coffee and filter water machine, but it also promotes sustainability in the workplace by encouraging the use of reusable bottles and cups.

Sustainability has grown in focus for the iF Design Award, and Neo Q is a perfect example of a product that combines exceptional design with eco-friendly practices. Since 1954, the iF Design Award has been a globally recognized trademark for excellent design, and the iF brand is internationally established as a symbol of design excellence.

Last year we won the European Product Design Award with Neo Q and this is a new milestone!