14 February 2014

The 15 points to boost operators’ income, Azkoyen’s attention-catcher at Vending Paris

Trade show after trade show, Azkoyen’s solution to boost operators’ income proves why it is a winner. At Vending Paris, French operators got the chance of discovering the new products and solutions developed by Azkoyen to increase their profit margins.

Of the 15 points proposed by Azkoyen, the new Zen and Zensia hot drink vending machines stood out for their new functions, like ‘Customixer’ or ‘Extra-Shot’, and for their nice, customisable design intended to boost sales per outlet. What caught the eyes of visitors were the new designer fronts, with gorgeous gold and white prints – real teasers enhancing the spectacular designs of the Zen and Zensia ranges by the internationally renowned design consultancy Mormedi.

The snack vending machines from Azkoyen received praise from the operators who stopped at the firm’s stand in Vending Paris. The models displayed were the new Palma+ H87 XtraDrinks, which has a bottle channel behind the payment module that can hold up to 54 extra bottles, and the amazingly versatile Mistral+ range, with a large delivery box and a fully adjustable configuration of trays, channels, conveyors and spirals that make the machine ideal for sites where a greater snack variety is required. This is an expanding market in France, where there are good opportunities for high value-added, healthy products like salads, ready-to-eat meals, premium sandwiches made with different types of bread, and many other foods featuring innovative, attractive packaging.

The new business models offered by the Novara 2.0 were another attention-catcher at the stand. With a screen and presence detector, the Novara 2.0 displays promotions and information, keeping record of the number of impacts. The new Vitro table-top machines come on the Coffee Corner base unit and are equipped with a payment module, creating new opportunities for vending in places that were unthinkable before, like VIP areas, petrol stations or convenience stores.

‘We believe the products we exhibited at Vending Paris persuaded trade members of their advantages,’ said Azkoyen Sales Manager for France Samir Fodil. ‘Customers and operators seemed to be interested in our ranges, and I think we can grow in France, a really demanding market.’