7 April 2015

The technological innovations of Azkoyen attracted interest from those visiting Vending Paris

The French and international visitors who gathered at Vending Paris 2015 did not waste the opportunity to learn about the 11 proposals from Azkoyen for improving their operating profits. Show after show, Azkoyen’s campaign to boost operators’ income is confirmed as a winner.

Among the 11 offerings from Azkoyen, the new Button Barista App was under the spotlight. This application allows users to customise and order all kinds of hot drinks directly from their smartphones and is compatible with the latest Azkoyen vending machine models, such as Novara, Zen and Zensia, as well as the Vitro range for the hotel and catering sector. Visitors were able to download the Azkoyen application to their smartphones directly from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android and, thus, experience live the functionality of this innovation that promises to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as serving as a platform to increase prices and margins for the coffee service.

The other outstanding innovation came from Icon Multimedia, who has adapted its Deneva software for Digital Signage management for the vending sector. This software is one of the most powerful on the market and used by large companies such as ADIF, McDonald’s, Restalia and Repsol. This software is fully compatible with Novara 2.0, the most prestigious Azkoyen machine which is fitted with a display and an Intel NUC for managing software such as Deneva. With this combination, operators can use cloud computing to manage information associated with their products, promote Premium selections and offer other value-added content such as news, entertainment and advertising. Icon Multimedia will be incorporating these and other services to their vending machine version of Deneva over a period of time.

“Our exhibition at VendingParis has been a success” confirms Samir Fodil, the Azkoyen Sales Manager for France. “The feeling among customers and operators has been very good, and I believe that the mixture of technological innovation alongside constantly evolving, established and reliable products has been positively received.”

The Azkoyen strategy, based on the continuous commitment to innovation and aimed at helping operators to improve their financial performance through the products and technologies of the brand is becoming even stronger.