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A combination of  well established reliability and high performance with a competitive price helping you in the supply of masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels or any other sort of material needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses.

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The Vitro range of professional coffee machines for catering and hotels is remarkable for its extraordinary design with angular shapes finished in smoked glass and chrome.

But the series really stands out for applying the latest Azkoyen and Coffetek technology for making hot beverages, such as espresso coffee and authentic tea brewed from tea leaves.

And it is also important to mention its functionality, as it incorporates important innovations that assist the management, maintenance and cleaning of the machine, helping to increase the productivity of your business.

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The Excel and Mini-Excel series by Coffetek, a company of the AZKOYEN Group, have been designed for intensive catering operations and are capable of filling one or two coffee jugs and one hot water jug simultaneously.

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The Novara is designed to create pleasant, appealing environments that inspire new ideas whilst enjoying the finest espresso coffee.

The front highlights the range’s advanced design and appeal.

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Neo Q

NEO Q is the perfect solution for all those who need to provide their customers with quality water and hot drinks and who are committed to sustainability.

The new NEO Q offers Quality fresh filtered water and Quality coffee in a single machine. An innovative concept that encourages sustainability in workplaces, leisure centres, gyms and other establishments, promoting the use of your own cup or bottle.

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Zen may be small but it is incredibly productive for operators and attractive to consumers.

This range was designed to assist vending service operations, providing maximum autonomy of service with great reliability and durability, reducing management costs.

To consumers, it is a miniature café where they can enjoy an authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds, thanks to the Customixer function.

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Designed to increase your profitability, Zintro is a compact machine, incredibly productive for the operator and attractive to consumers.

Earn more with the Customixer function: thanks to the potential of the MO3 Horeca Performance grinder and the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso group, we have developed this unique feature that allows the amount of coffee, milk and sugar to be adjusted for each service.

  • Increase the average price with new “Extra Energy” and “Smooth Coffee” pre-selections.
  • Increase sales per machine with the Customixer setting that allows consumers to personalise their drink.

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Zensia is not just another vending machine. Its Customixer functions make it an automatic barista vending machine. Zensia is capable of making drinks with different amounts of coffee, milk and sugar, adjusting each service to the customer’s taste.

This capacity to customise drinks, combined with the machine’s remarkable autonomy and its clean, attractive appearance, helps operators increase the profitability of their vending service.

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The outstanding feature of the Mistral+ series is its incredible flexibility making it capable of adapting to all types of products, locations and the changes that take place during the evolution of your business.


Each detail in the Mistral+ series has been developed to make it more ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and safe. All for one purpose: to improve the profitability of your business.

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The Palma+ series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized products.

Another outstanding feature is its large glass front that acts like an attractive shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases.

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Palma B

This attractive can and bottle machine offers complete flexibility in terms of size and configuration.

The latest technology is utilised and the versatile extraction system ensures cans, glass and PET bottles can be vended.

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Step is the result of the extensive experience Azkoyen has indesigning and manufacturing cigarette machines. This vending machine stands out at first glance due to its cutting-edge design andtouch screen interface that makes selling easier and promotes the product using the decal.

But it is what you do not see that is even more important. Step has the latest technology to improve cigarette vending management.

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Vendtech 600 is the most versatile cigarette dispensing machine for your shop or supermarket in the market.

The Vendtech 600 sales system adapts to your management and security model, including free sale, pre-pay mode or a POS connection system.

Furthermore, the Vendtech 600 system lets you expand or reduce product capacity through the use of vending modules controlled by a master machine. 

7 April 2015

The technological innovations of Azkoyen attracted interest from those visiting Vending Paris

The French and international visitors who gathered at Vending Paris 2015 did not waste the opportunity to learn about the 11 proposals from Azkoyen for improving their operating profits. Show after show, Azkoyen’s campaign to boost operators’ income is confirmed as a winner.

Among the 11 offerings from Azkoyen, the new Button Barista App was under the spotlight. This application allows users to customise and order all kinds of hot drinks directly from their smartphones and is compatible with the latest Azkoyen vending machine models, such as Novara, Zen and Zensia, as well as the Vitro range for the hotel and catering sector. Visitors were able to download the Azkoyen application to their smartphones directly from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android and, thus, experience live the functionality of this innovation that promises to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as serving as a platform to increase prices and margins for the coffee service.

The other outstanding innovation came from Icon Multimedia, who has adapted its Deneva software for Digital Signage management for the vending sector. This software is one of the most powerful on the market and used by large companies such as ADIF, McDonald’s, Restalia and Repsol. This software is fully compatible with Novara 2.0, the most prestigious Azkoyen machine which is fitted with a display and an Intel NUC for managing software such as Deneva. With this combination, operators can use cloud computing to manage information associated with their products, promote Premium selections and offer other value-added content such as news, entertainment and advertising. Icon Multimedia will be incorporating these and other services to their vending machine version of Deneva over a period of time.

“Our exhibition at VendingParis has been a success” confirms Samir Fodil, the Azkoyen Sales Manager for France. “The feeling among customers and operators has been very good, and I believe that the mixture of technological innovation alongside constantly evolving, established and reliable products has been positively received.”

The Azkoyen strategy, based on the continuous commitment to innovation and aimed at helping operators to improve their financial performance through the products and technologies of the brand is becoming even stronger.

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