Palma B

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Reliability, durability and security, the keys to Palma B

This attractive can and bottle machine offers complete flexibility in terms of size and configuration.

The latest technology is utilised and the versatile extraction system ensures cans, glass and PET bottles can be vended.

A large, customisable panel for your brand

The curved front of the Palma B improves its visibility and attracts the attention of consumers, boosting impulse purchases.

Its classic selection system is intuitive and easily used by potential clients.

But the main efforts in its design focused on developing a large, customisable, back-lit advertising panel that better promotes the product and brand.

  • Increases impulse purchases
  • Promotes a brand or product

Discover our exclusive Universal Extraction System

All  models in the Palma B range are equipped with an exclusive extractor designed by Azkoyen that vends every type of can, bottle and plastic bottle.

An Azkoyen programme lets you adapt the configuration to vend the selected type of container.

Security was a key factor in its manufacture

Palma B soft-drink vending machines are specifically orientated towards public locations where security is a key factor in guaranteeing the profitability of the service.

The Palma B series is equipped with a high security door with three anchorage points, an anti-leverage system and anti-vandal steel buttons.

In addition, it is built from high quality materials and the level of Azkoyen finishing guarantees that the machine is durable and long-lasting.

  • Avoids losses due to theft and vandalism

Simplicity and speed, two objectives achieved

Palma B is designed to make re-stocking and maintenance of the machine easier, this is why it has easily programmed vending modules, practical product tray supports, straightforward programming and price/product signs that are very easy to change.

Furthermore, the Palma B series includes a self-diagnosis system, clear alphanumeric visualizer, easy access to to key parts and flexibility of choice between a coin operated mechanism or payment system.


Palma B6G

Maximum capacity for soft-drinks and bottles

The Palma B6 model has evolved to have the greatest capacity and autonomy in the range, with 6 product selections. Capacity for 648 33 cl cans or 324 0.5 l bottles.

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