Palma+ H87 XtraBottles

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Palma+ H87 XtraBottles

The most versatile model, innovative and with the highest capacity for bottles of the Palma+ range

The Palma+ H87 XtraBottles has a XtraDrinks channel for bottles behind the payment module, which adds bottles capacity without reducing snack capacity or visibility in the display panel. In addition, this model has six direct selection buttons to boost sales of the products with higher profit margin.


Dimensions and weight
High 1830 mm
Width 888 mm
Depth 875 mm
Weight 352 kg
Capacity configuration
Maximum trays 7
Maximum channels per tray 8
Maximum selections 36
Number of configurable trays 5
Number of adjustable trays 1
Capacity 300 + 54 u
Snacks 212 u
Sandwiches 40 u
Can Bottles 48 + 54
Interface, connectivity and sensors
I-Detect vend system
Alphanumeric Keypad & Direct Selection Buttons
Selections 36
Connectivity and Communications
EXE/MDB protocols
EVA-DTS protocol
Available at
Voltage 230 V
Maximum power 500 ww
Idle mode consumption 321 wh/h

Energy certification

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