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Innovate to make your work easier

Step is the result of the extensive experience Azkoyen has indesigning and manufacturing cigarette machines. This vending machine stands out at first glance due to its cutting-edge design andtouch screen interface that makes selling easier and promotes the product using the decal.

But it is what you do not see that is even more important. Step has the latest technology to improve cigarette vending management.

A cutting-edge concept

The 21st century cigarette machine demands a design that adapts to the new aesthetic trends of bars, restaurants, hotels and shops.

Step, with its attractive and elegant toughened glass and stainless steel front, is the most beautiful and modern cigarette machine in the market, and truly easy to install in  any space.

It increases sales:

  • Attracts the attention of consumers
  • Attractive, visual decals
  • Income through decal publicity

Could not be easier to use

Making the purchase process straightforward is key to not losing any sales. This is why Step has an intuitive system thanks to its interactive lights.

  • The selection touch screen with digital prices makes it easy to select a product.
  • The information display and LED lighting help to guide the user.
  • The ergonomic design and lighting in the vending zone help users collect their product and change.

Ecological and sustainable

Respect for the environment was a key factor when designing the Step model.

It is manufactured from materials that fully comply with European WEEE and RoHS directives.

It has also achieved a 75% reduction in energy consumption with regard to a traditional cigarette machine. A saving that benefits the planet, and your pocket.

  • Energy efficiency is a good argument for winning new locations for your business activity.

Security is the key to your business

It is not quite the same as building a safe, but almost.

Step is a  robust and reliable vending machine. It has 14 anchorage points, the exclusive Azkoyen anti-leverage system and a galvanised steel case behind the high-resistance glass front.

This window is manufactured according to the European directive R-43 and has passed the UNE-EN 12150 fragmentation test.

Cigarette channels

The cigarette channels are designed to make loading the product as straightforward as possible, and they let the operator re-stock the product quickly, easily and safely, thanks to a finish that has no sharp edges or areas.

In addition to being designed for fast and safe re-stocking, they are also designed to optimize space and achieve maximum capacity.

Reliability is a key factor in guaranteeing a machine operates well and is profitable, and in this area Azkoyen channels are leaders in reliability thanks to the company’s experience in manufacturing and developing cigarette machines.

Azkoyen Control

The Azkoyen programming control is the fastest and most intuitive in the market. It is a simple 4-button remote control that gives you fast, direct access to programming functions.

Its great practicality lies in its simplicity, thanks to a rapid learning curve; in just a few minutes you can learn how to operate all the programming options in an Azkoyen machine.


Step 41 Doble

The perfect solution for smaller spaces

The Step 41 Double is an elegant solution that efficiently optimizes space.

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Step 61 Doble

The ideal model for bars and cafés

The Step 61 Double model is the ideal size for installing in every kind of bar and café.

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Step 61 Triple

Increases capacity in bars and cafe

The Step 61 Triple model increases the capacity of the double model by almost 60% and is just a few inches deeper.

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Step 74 Doble

Attracts attention with its large front

The Step 74 Double model lets you expand the variety of product with more selections.

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Step 74 Triple

More variety, more capacity, greater autonomy

The Step 74 Triple model is ideal for achieving greater autonomy and is perfect for service stations and convenience stores

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Step 87 Triple

More variety, more capacity, greater autonomy

Service stations require greater autonomy because they are hard to access, and for this reason the Step 87 Triple model is ideal due to its large capacity.

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