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The M03 Grinder: High Performance and Durability

The M03 grinder is designed for any professional environment, with performance and durability that guarantee perfect coffee grinding, allowing adaptation to the coffee machine used, the type of extraction, and even the preferences of the end consumer.

The time-based dosing system allows for adjusting the coffee grinding based on the desired coffee dose per cup.

The manual grinder adjustment is very simple and allows for obtaining a quality beverage that perfectly suits the customer’s taste.

The grinder also incorporates a series of sensors that detect jams and product depletion, further increasing its reliability and durability.

Grinding roasted coffee beans requires certain knowledge, as each type of extraction requires a specific grinding point, and that precision, at Azkoyen, we have achieved with the M03 grinder

Flat Burrs

The grinder is composed of flat burrs, meaning two rings that are arranged one over the other. The distance between the rings determines the grind size.

With this type of burrs, it’s easier to achieve greater uniformity in particle size, ensuring fast grinding and preventing a temperature rise that could damage the coffee.

We use 64mm flat burrs adjustable to the precise micron, aiming to deliver coffee doses without variations.

Dual Grinder

Doubling the offer, to multiply customization. In order to offer espresso or filtered coffee, we equip our machines with dual grinders and the V30 group head, allowing us to prepare different recipes and concoctions.

Having dual grinders enables us to satisfy the tastes of all customers with a single machine in one place, increasing machine consumption and profitability.