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MIA, Micro Inyected Air

A revolution that sets new standards of excellence in milk coffee beverages.

MIA is a technology patented by Azkoyen and developed in collaboration with prestigious Swiss engineering firms specialized in milk treatment.

Thanks to MIA, you can enjoy everything from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a consistent and silky milk foam that will not leave you indifferent.

This milk treatment system involves injecting air at high pressure, creating millions of bubbles that generate a velvety and consistent texture. We increase the volume and create a silky foam.

Temperature control is crucial in beverage preparation to maintain a balance of flavor, texture, and aroma.

This control is especially important in milk treatment.

MIA’s temperature regulation system ensures the appropriate consistency and perfect taste for any milk-based drink, making every sip a delightful experience.

A revolutionary solution created for both fresh milk, MIA FreshMilk, and reconstituted milk, MIA Easymilk.

Mia Milk Circuit

  1. Water: The water inlet provides purified and fresh water to rinse the circuit and restore the hygiene barrier.
  2. Milk: MIA allows the frothing of a wide variety of milk types: pasteurized, UHT, reconstituted, lactose-free, plant-based,….
  3. Hygiene barrier: This water barrier
    is internally drained before each service to ensure proper hygiene of the circuit and to prevent any crosscontamination
  4. Texturizer: Our microfoam is created by injecting air into the milk through a microdose, which provides greater control and precisionthan other technologies.
  5. Heater: Once frothed it can be heated to 65°C, which is the optimum temperature, ensuring a silky finish and texture.
  6. Cleaning: The machine automatically sprays pressurized water through all the conduits, ensuring a clean machine service after service.


MIA FreshMilk

With the MIA FreshMilk system, the temperature of the liquid milk and foam can be either hot or cold, and the density and consistency of the foam can be adjusted to suit the tastes of the most demanding consumers.

The only thing better than a sip of fresh, full-bodied, full-flavoured milk, it is that same sip, with just the right creaminess in the mouth.

We create moments of value and enjoyment for all tastes and preferences. This is why MIA technology is also capable of frothing plant-based beverages.

MIA EasyMilk

The MIA EasyMilk system combines the best of fresh milk and reconstituted milk.

A proprietary solution that reconstitutes freeze-dried milk to create an optimal blend in temperature, texture and flavour.

You can set the density and consistency you want the foam to have in your recipes. Technology and efficiency come together to generate fully reconstituted milk ready to be frothed and enjoyed in all kinds of coffee recipes.

Furthermore, it enables cost optimization, ease of maintenance, preservation, and autonomy, making your business even more profitable.