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Adapts to your business model

Vendtech 600 is the most versatile cigarette dispensing machine for your shop or supermarket in the market.

The Vendtech 600 sales system adapts to your management and security model, including free sale, pre-pay mode or a POS connection system.

Furthermore, the Vendtech 600 system lets you expand or reduce product capacity through the use of vending modules controlled by a master machine. 

The cigarette machine for shops and shopping centres

Vendtech 600 is a cigarette dispensing machine designed to be controlled by a salesperson during an assisted sale.

The key factor when designing this machine was flexibility, so that the system can be adapted to the sales model required by the operator and it can be used for free and pre-pay sale, and sale via a POS connection system.

Attractive, modular design that takes maximum advantage of available space

This model is normally placed behind the counter and was designed with a large product display or large advertising panel that can be easily changed.

Its modular design means up to two vending modules can be combined with a control module, increasing capacity at lower cost.

Control sales at all times

Using Vendtech 600 Flash technology, it is easy to control sales by using the following functions:

  • Record of every pack sold;
  • Detailed print-outs of accounting reports;
  • Communication by EVA/DTS telemetry;
  • Possibility of communicating with the till.

Selling cigarettes using a dispensing system has never been so easy and secure.

Cigarette channels

The cigarette channels are designed to make loading the product as straightforward as possible, and they let the operator re-stock the product quickly, easily and safely, thanks to a finish that has no sharp edges or areas.

In addition to being designed for fast and safe re-stocking, they are also designed to optimize space and achieve maximum capacity.

Reliability is a key factor in guaranteeing a machine operates well and is profitable, and in this area Azkoyen channels are leaders in reliability thanks to the company’s experience in manufacturing and developing cigarette machines.

Azkoyen Control

The Azkoyen programming control is the fastest and most intuitive in the market. It is a simple 4-button remote control that gives you fast, direct access to programming functions.

Its great practicality lies in its simplicity, thanks to a rapid learning curve; in just a few minutes you can learn how to operate all the programming options in an Azkoyen machine.


Vendetech 600

Automatic cigarette vending system

The ideal solution for assisted and controlled cigarette sales in shops, supermarkets and other shopping centres

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