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The automatic, compact and productive barista

Designed to increase your profitability, Zintro is a compact machine, incredibly productive for the operator and attractive to consumers.

Earn more with the Customixer function: thanks to the potential of the MO3 Horeca Performance grinder and the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso group, we have developed this unique feature that allows the amount of coffee, milk and sugar to be adjusted for each service.

  • Increase the average price with new “Extra Energy” and “Smooth Coffee” pre-selections.
  • Increase sales per machine with the Customixer setting that allows consumers to personalise their drink.

The eye-catcher in public Vending

Minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive design to attract the attention of consumers, increase impulse sales and gain new customers.

Zintro is designed with an exclusive touch keypad, patented by Azkoyen, and allows personalisation of the front panel and its labels.

  • Catalogue of Labels to choose from
  • Possibility to request personalisation

Reduce operational costs

The Zintro range has been designed to make your work easier, from its installation and set up, through to the maintenance, programming and re-stocking of the product.

Installation and programming are incredibly straightforward, thanks to the pre-installed programming profiles, and fully configurable via the 12 programmable buttons.

Cleaning and re-stocking the product is very fast and easy due to product loading without the need to remove the hoppers, flat surfaces, removable waste tray and a one-piece front panel

The '3 Rs' rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Respect for the environment has been a key factor when designing the Zintro model. This has been achieved by following the 3 Rs rule – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce: We have reduced energy consumption as far as possible, obtaining an A+ energy efficiency certification.

Reuse: Designed for reconditioning, which lengthens the useful life.

Recycle: Made according to RoHS and WEEE European directives.

Azk V10 Espresso Group

The renowned Azk V10 espresso group guarantees perfect distribution that maintains all the aroma and flavour, achieving coffee with a good body and consistent creaminess.

The secret of the Azk V10 unit is its perfect coffee pressing, holding back the water flow to enhance extraction of the organoleptic properties.

In addition to its outstanding operation, the Azk V10 group has proven its reliability and resistance over the years.

  • Increases your customer loyalty
  • Increases the number of services per day

MO3 HORECA Performance Grinder

The M03 high performance grinder is a high powered grinder developed for any OCS and Vending environment, with a performance and durability that guarantees correct coffee grinding for all types of consumer environments.

It features a range of sensors that detect blockages and out of stock product so as to increase the proven reliability and durability of this grinder

Its time-based dosing system allows the coffee grinding to be adjusted to the coffee dose per serving, thus offering a quality cup to suit the customer’s taste.


Zintro Espresso

For good coffee lovers

This model includes our best technology to produce a gourmet quality espresso coffee, thanks to the pressure boiler, our exclusive Azk V10 espresso group and our VPTT grinder.

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Zintro Instant

Maximum performance in free-standing hot drinks machines

Its inside has not been neglected, optimising every corner to maximise its productivity and autonomy in relation to the available space, achieving a compact but highly productive machine. A wide variety of soluble products with an optimised hopper configuration to achieve greater autonomy in medium-sized companies of between 50 and 100 employees.

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