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A breath of fresh air

The outstanding feature of the Mistral+ series is its incredible flexibility making it capable of adapting to all types of products, locations and the changes that take place during the evolution of your business.


Each detail in the Mistral+ series has been developed to make it more ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and safe. All for one purpose: to improve the profitability of your business.

Attractive design and modular system

Increase your impulse sales with the elegant design to attract consumers and outstanding product visibility to increase sales.

  • Optimised LED lighting to improve visibility.
  • Transparent sections for improved presentation.
  • Alternative download to prevent empty channels.

It grows at the rate of your company

Its modular system means the battery can adapt to the volume of demand from consumers. You can combine up to 3 vending machine modules connected to one payment module or an Azkoyen hot beverage vending machine*.

Your full range fits in one Mistral+

It has been designed to sell all types of products, with or without refrigeration, fragile and delicate, on a small and large scale.

  •  Maximum product capacity.
  •  5 configurable trays and 1 tray adjustable in steps.
  • Large format removal by 2 simultaneous motors.
  • Capacity for 600 and 750 cc bottles.
  • Wide collection tray.
  • Optional product retrieval lift.

Food safety guaranteed

Designed to meet the strictest health regulations, it has a straightforward temperature and expiry control system that prevents the sale of products in poor condition.

  • Refrigeration up to 3ºC.
  • Sanitary temperature control system by tray.
  • Allocation of expiry dates by selection.
  • Control system to prevent sales to under-age children.

The '3 Rs' rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Respect for the environment has been a key factor when designing the Mistral model. This has been achieved by following the 3 Rs rule –reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Reduce: We have reduced energy consumption with the incorporation of a LED lighting system, automatic closing of the retrieval zone and improved insulation.

Reuse: Designed to lengthen its useful life due to its robustness.

Recycle: Made according to RoHS and WEEE European directives.

Minimizes expenses related to vandalism.

The Mistral+ series incorporates the latest technology and safety accessories so no act of vandalism will affect your profit.

  • I-Detect product exit detection system.
  • Automatic closing of product retrieval zone.
  • 6 anchoring points in the payment module.
  • Recessed doors and double toughened glass front.
  • Optional anti-vandalism payment module.
  • Optional cash box security.

Faster and safer product loading

Making the operator’s work easier and faster is an investment in profitability. For this reason the interior has been designed to increase the ergonomics of stocking products and to prevent any risk of accidents.

  • Trays can be extracted with the door open at 90º.
  • Folding upper trays.
  • Trays with no sharp edges or points.
  • Access to all parts from front.
  • Modules designed for 70 cm doors.

Easier and faster to configure.
The new control system with USB port* caters for firmware updates, copying and downloading machine configurations and downloading EVA-DTS v6.1 telemetry protocols with a simple USB mass storage device.


Mistral+ H70

The best relation between space and capacity

Mistral+ H70 has until 64 different selections with capacity for 244 snacks, 30 sandwichs & 96 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.

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Mistral+ H85

A great capacity in snacks vending machines

Mistral+ H85 has until 80 different selections with capacity for 285 snacks, 40 sandwichs & 120 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.

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