Mistral+ H85

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Mistral+ H85

A great capacity in snacks vending machines

Mistral+ H85 has until 80 different selections with capacity for 285 snacks, 40 sandwichs & 120 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.


Dimensions and weight
High 1830 mm
Width 850 mm
Depth 890 mm
Weight 265-336 Kg
Capacity configuration
Maximum trays 8
Maximum channels per tray 10
Maximum selections 80
Number of configurable trays 5
Capacity 445 u
Number of sandwiches 40 u
Number of adjustable trays 1
Number of snacks 285 u
Number of drinks 120 u
Interface, connectivity and sensors
I-Detect Sensor
Electronic product exit detection
Alphanumeric Keypad
Selections 48
Connectivity and Communications
EXE/MDB protocol
Standard USB connectivity
Standard EVA-DTS communications
Available at
Voltage 230 V
Maximum power 520 ww
Idle mode consumption 310 wh/h

Energy certification

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