11 March 2021

Azkoyen arrives at Baghdad International Airport with its hot and cold beverage vending machines

Azkoyen strengthens its presence in the Middle East with the installation of its vending machines at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

This airport already has some of these machines installed in the passenger arrivals area, specifically the Azkoyen brand Palma B machines for dispensing cans and bottles, and the Zensia for dispensing espresso coffee and other hot drinks.

The Palma B series is a traditional bottle dispenser that is notable for its large capacity and reliability.  The successful Zensia series has a minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive design with clean and attractive aesthetics. In addition, its large size allows the operator to increase the productivity of its vending service while being highly adaptable to all the markets.

Azkoyen offers solutions for companies, hotels and restaurants, convenience stores, transport and leisure, and public buildings such as airports, providing their customers with unique consumption experiences via the various automatic machines.

With this in mind, the company invests over 10 million euros a year in innovation in order to offer the best solutions on the market.

A strong foothold in the Middle East

The Azkoyen Group expands its global presence and thus strengthens its success in a region where its machines already serve countries such as Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. In Qatar, vending machines can already be found at the Qatar Foundation (QF) headquarters and several of its universities. In the Sultanate of Oman, Azkoyen machines dispense coffee and other hot beverages at Oman Oil service stations, the most prominent oil company in the country, as well as at Muscat International Airport.

Technology has no borders and nor do people’s needs, which is why the Azkoyen Group works every day taking a global view of its products and services.