10 November 2022

The Azkoyen Group is expanding its new MIA technology throughout Europe

  • During the Beyond the Box event the company brought together important personalities from the world of coffee, the company presented its new product Easymilk, to the main operators, roasters, distributors and industry experts in Europe.
  • The company was also present at EVEX-VendCon in Bonn, a meeting organised by the European Vending and Coffee Service Association (EVA) and the German Association for Automatic Distribution (BDV).

Azkoyen Group has made the leap to Europe to present its latest innovations, including its patented and innovative MIA technology. To do so, it has brought together the main players in the coffee sector in a meeting under the heading of “Beyond the Box” which took place in Leeds, United Kingdom, on 9 November 2022.

Against this backdrop, and as it had previously done at the Basque Culinary Centre in Spain, the company unveiled its new MIA technology to the European sector, a patent developed in partnership with prestigious Swiss engineering firms, which enables the production of exquisite drinks based on Fresh Milk or powdered milk Easymilk, with a consistent and velvety foam.

This technology uses meticulous temperature control, which allows the taste, colour and texture of the milk to remain similar to those of fresh milk without alterations, and a careful process of micro-injected air that allows both Fresh Milk and Easymilk to be emulsified evenly, cup after cup, without the need for a steam boiler, adapting it to the different tastes of the consumer.

MIA technology also brings major benefits to operators and roasters with a direct impact on their bottom line, as it helps reduce logistical processes, requires less intensive cleaning and offers a more varied range of top-quality beverages.

For the end consumer, this new technology provides tasty beverages from milk powder with silky foam and all the flavour of fresh milk.

The Azkoyen Group is the leader in the British market under the Coffetek brand and has a strong presence with one of the Azkoyen Group’s eight branches around the world and one of the group’s three coffee machine factories.

Juanje Alberdi, CEO of the Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies divisions “We are very pleased to present our new patented MIA technology at this European showcase. Our continuous efforts to innovate are reflected in technologies such as this and in products as revolutionary as the ones we present here today. Our ambition to turn the simplicity of coffee into a unique experience means that every day we strive to provide our customers and end consumers with the best products and cutting-edge technologies on the market”


EVEX, the European vending showcase

As part of the presentation of its innovative MIA technology, the company wanted to be present at the “EVEX-VendCon” vending trade fair for the main players in the sector on 7-8 November in Bonn, in a joint event organised by the European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA) and the German Vending Association (BDV).

During the event, the company took the opportunity to present the new technology MIA Easymilk in addition to its new Neo Q, a dual machine that offers the quality of constantly filtered fresh water and freshly ground coffee. An innovative proposal that promotes sustainability through the reduction of plastics.