11 May 2022

Azkoyen’s cutting-edge technology will be on show at the Venditalia international trade fair

Azkoyen  will be participating in the Venditalia Worldwide Vending Show at the first edition of the international event dedicated to the vending industry. The perfect setting for presenting its recent innovation: the coffee and water dispensing machine NEO Q.

This solutions represent a further step forward for the industry and underline the group’s commitment to helping its customers create unique experiences for people through innovative products and automated services.

NEO Q, a 2 in 1 solution

NEO Q, the perfect solution for all those who need to offer quality water and hot beverages to their customers or employees, while making a commitment to sustainability in workplaces, leisure areas, gyms and other establishments. It is an innovative concept that responds to emerging social trends and user needs, and promotes consumer awareness of the need to reduce the consumption of plastics. In this way, the company aims to promote sustainability in its activity.

Its differentiating characteristic is that it offers a higher quality than tap water, thanks to its filtering system, while promoting the use of glass bottles and the use of the user’s own cup, encouraging the reduction of plastic bottles, the reuse of materials and a reduction in CO2.

It is also notable for its elegant appearance, featuring a display which has been designed down to the last detail to make it an elegant and aesthetically appealing machine that complies with the established accessibility standards.