4 January 2012

Azkoyen introduces Novara: The new age

Azkoyen introduces the new machine Novara, a company bet for design and technology in hot drinks vending market. This new model was presented in EU’Vend trade fair in Cologne on September 2011 and in Vendibérica trade fair in Madrid on November 2011, and Azkoyen is launching it on January 2012.


Azkoyen has been worked in Novara development since a new perspective, With a view to value vending service for consumers.

The result is a clean and contemporary design with noble materials like tempered glass or stainless steel, and new characteristics as an intuitive user interface with touch pannel or a new software able to show nutritional and promotional information on the display. Also the machine is ready to add a screen or Digital Signage system to offer multimedia contents.

Furthermore Novara incorporates the new Azkoyen Azk V10 espresso group, designed to deliver outstanding quality and flavour of espresso. The Azkoyen purpose with this release is to change the consumers perception about coffee quality of the vending machines, demonstrating that it is possible to offer a great coffee aroma and flavour in a cool place, the vending area, a zone for creativity, sharing new ideas and new projects with job colleagues.

However, Novara has also been developed for maximum ease of maintenance and management by the operator, incorporating key enhancements in terms of its components and important developments in their technical design, that facilitate product refilling and cleaning tasks, reducing notably the time spent by each operator to each machine, allowing them to manage more efficiently the machines park and increase productivity.


The new control board has an USB port for firmware upgrades, machines configuration and management of master-slave system, using a standard USB storage device. And thanks to the memory card capacity, Azkoyen has included more important telemetry communication protocols, including the EVA-DTS v6.1.


The machine interior has been completely renovated for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the operator safety. With this renewal, all electrical and electronic components have been protected , the instant drinks system has been redesigned, the new espresso group Azk V10 has been integrated in the same area and the boiler for instant model has increased capacity up to 3 litres. New sub-door, new ergonomic beaters and stronger rubber tubes complete this renewal.


Made with high quality materials, the Novara is a very sturdy machine; a good example is its tempered glass front, which does not scratch. In addition the machine compliant ROHS and WEEE.

Energy efficiency has been a key factor in the machine development, to achieve an A+ Energy Class have been eliminated all fluorescent tubes and a LED-based lighting system has been chosen in substitution. Azkoyen has also developed an Eco Mode function which reduces the machine consumption in low demand times. Both systems combined can save up to 50% energy.