21 January 2013

Vendexpo 2013 Best Espresso Coffee Award goes to Azkoyen

Azkoyen’s hot drink vending machines are enjoying a huge success at the Vendexpo Fair in Russia, and the best proof of this is that they have won the Best Expresso Coffee Award organised by Vendexpo as part of the Professional Hot Drinks Competition and participated in by the main vending machine manufacturers.

The quality of the espresso coffee is assessed by the Central Taste Panel of experts from the Rusteacoffee Association. They base their opinion on the results of a strict organoleptic expert examination, evaluating each of the main quality parameters: the body, taste and flavour of the drinks prepared.

From now on Azkoyen can display the mark of acknowledgement as the producer of the best vending machine drink: the prestigious “Best Vending Beverage Distinction Mark”.

Recognition of Azkoyen’s hot drink technology

Making the best espresso means using the best grinding and brewing technology to preserve and bring out all the coffee beans’ aromas and subtle nuances. Azkoyen’s Novara and Sienna vending machines are equipped with technology directly designed and manufactured by Azkoyen on the basis of its long-standing catering industry experience.

Creating the very best espresso coffee starts with precise grinding of the coffee beans, to produce a fine grind that brings out all their flavour and aromas. To do this, the Sienna and Novara machines include the M03 Coffee Grinder, developed by Azkoyen for the catering market and delivering top-level professional performance. When the coffee has been freshly ground, the brewing process in the Azk V10 coffee unit gets underway, guaranteeing a perfect extraction that will preserve all the flavour and aroma and produce a full-bodied coffee with a consistent creamy head. The secret of the Azk V10 unit is its perfect coffee pressing, holding back the water flow to enhance extraction of the organoleptic properties.

Azkoyen’s Novara series includes the Double Espresso model, with a dual grinder to offer two different coffee varieties or grades. This model allows us to provide traders with an extraordinarily high-quality coffee at an affordable price, increasing both profitability and consumer satisfaction.