27 October 2016

Azkoyen presents its latest technological advances in coffee machines at the Expoespeciales Trade Fair in Colombia

Azkoyen has demonstrated once again its commitment to spreading the coffee culture and the consumption of quality products. The Navarre-based multinational company presented its latest technological advances for coffee machines in Colombia.  Expoespeciales 2016, held in October, is a trade fair specialised in the promotion of coffees from regions famous for producing high-quality beans, and is the most important fair in Colombia and Latin America.

Important innovations were presented at this event. Among them was the Vitro Max Espresso model, a large capacity machine that complements the successful Vitro series, which has already become the most popular model of espresso coffee machines in the British vending industry. The company also presented the Zintro model, with a height of 1.62 m, manufactured for sites with moderate consumption. This machine comes in two versions, Espresso and Instant.  Just as important, mention should also be made of the new technology for producing hot Coffee shop-style beverages with fresh milk.

In the words of Tim Antonissen, marketing director of the vending business line, “Azkoyen’s machines have had a great reception at the fair, reflecting the company’s long history and great prospects for growth on this continent”.

The company pulled out all the stops during this trade fair to help attendees learn how to appreciate the quality of a good product. Throughout the event, a barista gave several demonstrations showing how to prepare different coffee drinks, using the best recipes and the different configurations found on Azkoyen machines.

Internationalisation is one of the top priorities for the Azkoyen Group. In 2014, the Group opened a factory in Pereira, in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region. This was the Group’s first plant outside Europe and it serves as an operating centre for the entire American continent.