14 July 2016

The Azkoyen Button Barista application is awarded a prize by the UK vending industry

The Azkoyen Group, under its UK trade name, Coffetek, has been honoured by the British vending industry for the fourth year in a row, with the prize for the most innovative concept being award to Button Barista App, the first mobile application to allow the customising of drinks from self service machines to suit the consumer’s taste.

The fourth event of the Vending Industry Awards met on 28 June at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London, where more than 150 guests enjoyed a night which honoured the work performed by individuals and companies from the industry.

Button Barista is a mobile application that allows the user to adjust the coffee strength, the volume of water or milk and the amount of sugar and also offers endless recipes. This system is perfect for achieving greater user satisfaction. The application also attracts new consumers because of the possibility of adapting drinks to suit their preferences.

“This constant commitment to innovation of the Azkoyen Group is achieving, over time, great success and numerous awards from prestigious international institutions” said Alberto Sanchez, the corporate director of strategy and innovation at Azkoyen.

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