25 June 2024

The corner that takes care of you, an innovative solution that allows healthy and personalised recipes

Central Lechera Asturiana, Delikia, and Azkoyen have launched “The Corner that Takes Care of You,” an innovative project that enables the creation of healthy and personalised recipes. This concept arises from the continuous commitment of the three companies to innovation and an active listening to market needs. Users can choose, via a touchscreen, between milk or oat milk and complement their drink with protein, fibre, or both options, resulting in a much healthier and nutritionally complete beverage.

Presented this morning during a conference in Madrid, the corner features one of the best speciality coffees from Brazil – imported by Root Café, Delikia’s coffee innovation division – which allows for perfect pairings with fibre and protein, along with powdered milk or plant-based drink from Central Lechera Asturiana and Azkoyen’s automatic coffee machine Vitro.

During his presentation, Juan Povedano, Marketing and Innovation Director of Capsa, noted that “We had to test up to 100 proteins and make more than ten thousand coffees to achieve a positive result both sensorially and nutritionally, and to adapt to the necessary characteristics for it to work in a vending machine.”

Yago Diaz, Marketing Director of Delikia, remarked that “At Delikia, we are continuously surveying the market and working on the development of new products and services. Traditionally, in the vending sector, there is a tendency to simplify things. With this project, we decided to complicate matters to offer a better product to our customers.”

Eduardo Andueza, Marketing Director of Azkoyen, added, “Our main contribution has been in the engineering and customisation of the machines to ensure that the drinks, rich in proteins and fibre, retain all their properties. This required Azkoyen’s R&D&I team to develop a system that guarantees precise temperature control, preventing the denaturation of the protein and ensuring it does not break down during the process, thus preserving all the essential qualities of the milk.”

“The Corner that Takes Care of You” allows users to add a shot of protein to their coffee, providing an additional 10% to their daily diet, as an adult needs a minimum of 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight. Furthermore, combining fibre with the drink is one of the most effective ways to contribute to regular intestinal rhythm.