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Novara, the new age

The Novara is designed to create pleasant, appealing environments that inspire new ideas whilst enjoying the finest espresso coffee.

The front highlights the range’s advanced design and appeal.

Designed to create atmosphere

The Novara is designed to create pleasant, appealing environments that inspire new ideas whilst enjoying the finest espresso coffee.

Made using materials of the highest quality which comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives, the Novara is a robust, easy-to-clean machine. The front has a high impact resistance tempered glass which looks new for longer than conventional fronts and highlights the range’s advanced design and appeal.

  •  Increase impulse purchase
  • Increase the services per day quantity
  • Reduce the consumer’s mistrust


Made using materials of the  highest quality which comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives Novara means energy efficiency.

Its LED-based lighting system and the new Eco Mode significantly reduces power consumption, achieving energy savings of up to 50%.

This combined innovation has resulted in an A+ energy efficiency rating.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Obtain new location points

Ready to incorporate screens

Ready to incorporate screens or Digital Signage systems to offer users audiovisual information and advertising.

The Digital Signage advertisement is nowadays in expansion and it repressents a great opportunity to increase uncommon profits.

  • Obtain new location points
  • Increase your profits

Brilliantly designed; what you can see and what you can't

Significant advances in terms of design and materials have been
introduced inside the Novara to enhance product quality and make
maintenance and cleaning easier, improving productivity.

The new interior design makes not only dismantling and cleaning parts easier, but also facilitates product replacement, significantly cutting the time that operators need to spend with each machine, reducing downtime and improving efficiencies.

  • Reduce expenses
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Azk V10 Espresso Group

The renowned Azk V10 espresso group guarantees perfect distribution that maintains all the aroma and flavour, achieving coffee with a good body and consistent creaminess.

The secret of the Azk V10 unit is its perfect coffee pressing, holding back the water flow to enhance extraction of the organoleptic properties.

In addition to its outstanding operation, the Azk V10 group has proven for years that it is reliable and long-lasting.

  • Increases the loyalty of your clients
  • Increase the number of services per day

M03 HORECA Performance Grinder

The M03 high performance grinder is a high powered grinder developed for any OCS and Vending environment, with a performance and durability that guarantees correct coffee grinding for all types of consumer environments.

It features a range of sensors that detect blockages and out of stock product so as to increase the proven reliability and durability of this grinder

Its time-based dosing system allows the coffee grinding to be adjusted to the coffee dose per serving, thus offering a quality cup to suit the customer’s taste.


Novara Espresso

Our client's favorite model

Novara Espresso is the most sold product model in the Novara’s range. It must be pointed the quality espresso coffee obtained by the ground tecnology.

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Novara Instant

This Free Standing can be configured with 6,7 or 8 soluble cannister

Novara Instant can be configured with 6,7 or 8 cannisters. In such way the operator can adapt it to its business; adding autonomy or increasing the offered product.

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Novara Double Espresso

This machine can offer two coffee types thanks to the double grinder

Increase the service price average offering a premium or fair commerce coffee with a higher margin.With Novara Double Espresso you can do it.

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Novara Espresso
Fresh Brew

Genuine espresso coffee and real leaf tea

Novara Duo offers the maximum quality hot beverages thanks to its extraordinary Azkoyen espresso system and the Fresh-brew Tea group

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Novara Double
Espresso Double Cup

Increase your income. Two is better than one.

Novara Double Cup has two coffee bean hoppers and two grinders and dispenses of two cup sizes. Provides one type of coffee for more traditional selections and a second for more sophisticated flavours, at a higher price and dispensed in a Coffee shop type cup.

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Novara Double Cup

Two better than one. It allows to offer two different size or type of cups.

The machine capacity notorily increased due to the double cup drop systems. Furthermore, it allows to offer two different size or type of cups providing as a result a sophisticate espresso based coffee selection menu.

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Novara Instant
Double Cup

Gather additional revenues from alternative drinks.

The Novara Instant Double Cup provides an incredible range of drink options due to the ample product cannisters (6 to 8) and the capacity to offer different size and types of cups. The operator can cater a sophisticated drink menu and increase its incomes thanks to premium or alternative drinks.

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