Why the coffee grind is a critical factor in preparing the perfect espresso

Discover the importance of grind size and how it varies depending on the type of coffee preparation and explore the benefits of Azkoyen’s technology espresso machines

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Why is water so important in preparing an espresso?

6 June 2023

Along with roasted and ground coffee, water is the primary ingredient in preparing an espresso. In fact, it represents 92% of its composition, which means the quality of the water has a direct impact on the quality of the coffee we drink. Water can enhance or eliminate acidity, add body or leave it flat, and […]

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Azkoyen showcases its innovation in the United States

11 May 2023

Azkoyen Group, the Spanish multinational leader in technology, is participating in NAMA Show 2023, the reference event in the Office Coffee Service, vending, micro-markets, and convenience store industry in the Americas.

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