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A combination of  well established reliability and high performance with a competitive price helping you in the supply of masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels or any other sort of material needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses.

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The Vitro range of professional coffee machines for catering and hotels is remarkable for its extraordinary design with angular shapes finished in smoked glass and chrome.

But the series really stands out for applying the latest Azkoyen and Coffetek technology for making hot beverages, such as espresso coffee and authentic tea brewed from tea leaves.

And it is also important to mention its functionality, as it incorporates important innovations that assist the management, maintenance and cleaning of the machine, helping to increase the productivity of your business.

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The Excel and Mini-Excel series by Coffetek, a company of the AZKOYEN Group, have been designed for intensive catering operations and are capable of filling one or two coffee jugs and one hot water jug simultaneously.

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The Novara is designed to create pleasant, appealing environments that inspire new ideas whilst enjoying the finest espresso coffee.

The front highlights the range’s advanced design and appeal.

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Neo Q

NEO Q is the perfect solution for all those who need to provide their customers with quality water and hot drinks and who are committed to sustainability.

The new NEO Q offers Quality fresh filtered water and Quality coffee in a single machine. An innovative concept that encourages sustainability in workplaces, leisure centres, gyms and other establishments, promoting the use of your own cup or bottle.

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Zen may be small but it is incredibly productive for operators and attractive to consumers.

This range was designed to assist vending service operations, providing maximum autonomy of service with great reliability and durability, reducing management costs.

To consumers, it is a miniature café where they can enjoy an authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds, thanks to the Customixer function.

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Designed to increase your profitability, Zintro is a compact machine, incredibly productive for the operator and attractive to consumers.

Earn more with the Customixer function: thanks to the potential of the MO3 Horeca Performance grinder and the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso group, we have developed this unique feature that allows the amount of coffee, milk and sugar to be adjusted for each service.

  • Increase the average price with new “Extra Energy” and “Smooth Coffee” pre-selections.
  • Increase sales per machine with the Customixer setting that allows consumers to personalise their drink.

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Zensia is not just another vending machine. Its Customixer functions make it an automatic barista vending machine. Zensia is capable of making drinks with different amounts of coffee, milk and sugar, adjusting each service to the customer’s taste.

This capacity to customise drinks, combined with the machine’s remarkable autonomy and its clean, attractive appearance, helps operators increase the profitability of their vending service.

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The outstanding feature of the Mistral+ series is its incredible flexibility making it capable of adapting to all types of products, locations and the changes that take place during the evolution of your business.


Each detail in the Mistral+ series has been developed to make it more ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and safe. All for one purpose: to improve the profitability of your business.

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The Palma+ series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized products.

Another outstanding feature is its large glass front that acts like an attractive shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases.

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Palma B

This attractive can and bottle machine offers complete flexibility in terms of size and configuration.

The latest technology is utilised and the versatile extraction system ensures cans, glass and PET bottles can be vended.

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Step is the result of the extensive experience Azkoyen has indesigning and manufacturing cigarette machines. This vending machine stands out at first glance due to its cutting-edge design andtouch screen interface that makes selling easier and promotes the product using the decal.

But it is what you do not see that is even more important. Step has the latest technology to improve cigarette vending management.

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Vendtech 600 is the most versatile cigarette dispensing machine for your shop or supermarket in the market.

The Vendtech 600 sales system adapts to your management and security model, including free sale, pre-pay mode or a POS connection system.

Furthermore, the Vendtech 600 system lets you expand or reduce product capacity through the use of vending modules controlled by a master machine. 

Azkoyen’s cutting-edge technology will be on show at the Venditalia international trade fair

Azkoyen  will be participating in the Venditalia Worldwide Vending Show at the first edition of the international event dedicated to the vending industry. The perfect setting for presenting its recent innovation: the coffee and water dispensing machine NEO Q.

This solutions represent a further step forward for the industry and underline the group’s commitment to helping its customers create unique experiences for people through innovative products and automated services.

NEO Q, a 2 in 1 solution

NEO Q, the perfect solution for all those who need to offer quality water and hot beverages to their customers or employees, while making a commitment to sustainability in workplaces, leisure areas, gyms and other establishments. It is an innovative concept that responds to emerging social trends and user needs, and promotes consumer awareness of the need to reduce the consumption of plastics. In this way, the company aims to promote sustainability in its activity.

Its differentiating characteristic is that it offers a higher quality than tap water, thanks to its filtering system, while promoting the use of glass bottles and the use of the user’s own cup, encouraging the reduction of plastic bottles, the reuse of materials and a reduction in CO2.

It is also notable for its elegant appearance, featuring a display which has been designed down to the last detail to make it an elegant and aesthetically appealing machine that complies with the established accessibility standards.

Azkoyen launches the Vitro S1 MIA, the most compact fresh milk coffee machine, incorporating the patented micro-injection air technology

Azkoyen launches its most compact automatic coffee machine, the Vitro S1, with fresh milk, thus completing its successful Vitro range.

The Vitro S1 MIA incorporates the innovative micro-injection air technology, patented by Azkoyen, which, developed jointly with prestigious engineering companies that specialise in the treatment of fresh milk, makes it possible to prepare an exquisite range of drinks from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a silky and consistent foam, even when using plant-based milks. The latest generation of MIA technology allows the density and consistency of the foam to be programmed, as well as the hot or cold temperature, thus adjusting it to the tastes in different countries and locations.

A safe and practical machine, to suit every business

The Vitro S1 is the perfect solution for convenience stores, petrol stations, hotels and restaurants with consumption of up to 80 cups per day, where the coffee service needs to be intuitive, high quality and fast. It is also a great option for offices with up to 40 people, turning coffee time into a unique experience for the user.

The Vitro S1 MIA is very intuitive and easy to maintain. It also features an automatic cleaning process for the fresh milk system that is quick, safe and extremely easy to operate. The Azkoyen milk cleaning system has been verified by the National Centre for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA), thus guaranteeing customer safety.

Azkoyen has over seventy-five years of experience in the development of technological innovations, allowing it to offer solutions for companies and offices, the hotel and catering industry, convenience stores, and transport and leisure sectors.

Azkoyen joins forces with the German company, Trugge, to bring the most innovative vending services to European gyms

Azkoyen has teamed up with Trugge Getränketechnik, a leading German company specialising in a range of vending solutions for fitness centres, to sell Novara Proteins. It is a machine that prepares cold protein shakes for athletes in sports centres in just 30 seconds.

This product combines the attractive design that is characteristic of Azkoyen’s Novara line with an exclusive technology for the production of protein shakes. This allows consumers to enjoy functional, delicious and consistent drinks served at 3°C in a cup, dispensed automatically by simply holding their finger at a distance of up to 2 cm from the selector, thanks to the patented Distance Selection technology.

The new reality is bringing many people back to the gym and back to their daily routines. The latest ‘Les Mills 2021 Global Fitness Report’ identifies a significant global upturn in sporting activity as gym users seek the motivation and social connection that group activity brings, after months of solitary training. In terms of user experience, one of the most important aspects being developed in sports centres is automation of the processes. In this way users can buy their drinks at Novara Proteins with the same device used to access the gym facilities in a quick and easy way. In this way, Azkoyen once again demonstrates its commitment to continue generating unique experiences for its customers and users.

In addition, Novara Proteins is designed to improve the profitability of sports centres as it not only boosts the purchase of protein drinks by members, but it is also a very reliable and easy to maintain machine.

This system is currently being installed in gyms throughout Germany and will be rolled out into other European countries.

The Azkoyen Group celebrates its 75th anniversary at its Peralta factory with a walk through its history

This morning the Azkoyen Group celebrated its 75th anniversary at an event held at its factory in Peralta (Navarra). The attendees enjoyed a guided tour of the premises and the museum, where they were able to see at first hand each of the machines and solutions that have been a part of the company’s history.

Afterwards, they all headed to the Casa de Cultura of the Navarrese town, where its chairman, Juan José Suárez, began the official ceremony with an overview of the 75 years of the Group, from its foundation in 1945 to the present day. The event was attended by the mayor of Peralta, Juan Carlos Castillo Ezpeleta.

Tribute was also paid to the daughters of the founder, Martín Luis Troyas, creator of Talleres Azkoyen, who received a trophy in memory of their father. Special recognition was also given to the strategic suppliers who have supported the company over the years and to all the employees who have been part of the group’s past and present, especially those with more than 40 years of service.

Juan José Suárez, chairman of the Azkoyen Group proudly said: “It has been many years since 1945, when the first Spanish vending machines were created. And since then, the company has grown into a large business group comprising more than 800 people, with a presence in more than 95 countries. Everything we have achieved is, without doubt, thanks to our valuable human capital

A day that reviewed the major launches and products that have marked these 75 years and that have undoubtedly left their mark on the sector and the region.

The event was affected by the capacity limitations set by the authorities, but these did not prevent the attendees from enjoying a unique day in the history of the Azkoyen Group. The event was also attended by seven members of the Azkoyen Group management board, as well as representatives from the Navarra company’s workforce.

The European Product Design Award Winners recognise Azkoyen for the innovative design of its successful Vitro X1 coffee machine

Azkoyen  has received the award for best product in the catering category in the 2021 European Product Design Award Winners. This prestigious international award recognises the designers of products that aim to improve our daily lives and make them easier.

The leading Spanish technology multinational, which offers automated products and services designed to bring unique experiences to people in their daily lives, has received the award for the innovative design of their Vitro X1 coffee machine. It is a compact, stylish and contemporary model aimed at locations looking to offer high quality refreshments and the best customer experience in hotels, restaurants, offices and retail settings.

Azkoyen creates innovative solutions in coffee and vending machines, applying the best technology and design to each of the products it develops. The company dedicates 15% of its workforce to R&D, spread across its 8 innovation centres around the world.

Azkoyen and Irisbond present the first coffee machine with EyeTracking at the Mobile World Congress

Azkoyen and the IRISBOND company, a pioneer in EyeTracking technologies, presented the innovative pilot project of the first coffee machine controlled solely by eye gaze at the Mobile World Congress.

This innovation has been incorporated into the Vitro M5 model machine manufactured by the Azkoyen Group. This is an automatic coffee machine with innovative micro injected air (MIA) technology, patented by Azkoyen, which makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent foam that maximises the quality of the drinks.

IRISBOND is the perfect technological partner for the integration of EyeTracking technology in Azkoyen machines. An application that communicates with the coffee machine has been used in its development. In this way, the machine manages which products are offered and the application represents them so that the selection can be made using only the eyes, without touching anything with your hands.

According to Juanje Alberdi, CEO of the Azkoyen Group’s Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies divisions:

“We are very pleased and excited about this agreement, as it allows us to be part of a new environment and to make rapid progress in meeting the needs of the consumer of the future.  It opens up new ways to offer an improved user experience, new possibilities for interaction and guides the user towards a new form of consumerism. Continuing with the touchless trend, we already developed and patented the Distance Selection technology during the pandemic, which allows products to be selected without the need for physical contact with the surface of the machine. This partnership with Irisbond takes us a step further, in order to bring more value to customers and users.”

A pilot project adapted to the new scenario of interaction with machines.

COVID-19 has changed our perception of prevention and safety. Avoiding contact is becoming a habit, hence there is already a preference for the use of non-touch solutions in everyday transactions, which has fuelled this trend towards touchless technologies. This project is a clear example of how EyeTracking technology offers a new way of interacting and communicating with the environment.

Azkoyen will be the official supplier of vending machines for AVLO

Vending machines of Azkoyen will be installed in the new AVLO trains, the low cost, high speed Renfe trains that will initially cover routes between Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

The Azkoyen machines will provide drinks and snacks to the more than 400 Avlo passengers with their automatic vending machines. The first trains will cover the route from 23 June, each one having three Palma+ Hz70 machines, one Palma B5 and one Novara Double Espresso machine.

The Palma+ Hz 70 are very robust and versatile snacks machines designed to dispense all types of products. The Palma B5 is a vending machine for large capacity cans and bottles, but of a compact size, with great reliability, durability and security. For its part, the Novara Double Espresso machine will cater for passengers with two types of Espresso coffee thanks to its dual grinder, in addition to other hot beverages. The Novara series includes an intuitive selection system that is easily used by customers.

Juanje AlberdiGeneral Manager of the Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies of Azkoyen Group has very positively assessed this collaboration: “This award by Talgo highlights our eagerness to create unique experiences for people through automated products and services. To be present on trains is one of the group’s key areas, as it enables us to get closer to the user in any environment”.

Cutting-edge anti-Covid solutions

In order to meet the needs of the current environment, in terms of user safety and hygiene, this model allows product selection without any contact with the surface thanks to the patented Distance Selection technology, which allows the consumer to select the product from a safety distance of up to 2 centimetres without needing to touch the surface of the machine.

The Azkoyen machines include the latest technology for enhancing the quality of the product, which has been successfully implemented into several projects of this kind with companies like Georgian Railways, Azerbaijan Railways and the German company, Westbahn.

Azkoyen launches the new Vitro X1 MIA compact fresh milk coffee machine with patented micro injected air technology

Azkoyen launches its new Vitro X1 automatic coffee machine with MIA technology, expanding its successful Vitro line. It is a compact and elegant coffee machine that has been developed to turn coffee time into a unique user experience.

The Vitro X1 MIA features innovative micro injected air (MIA) technology, patented by Azkoyen and developed in collaboration with prestigious engineers specialising in fresh milk systems, which makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent froth that maximises the quality of the beverage.

The latest generation of MIA technology allows the density and consistency of the foam to be programmed, and choose whether you want it hot or cold, thus adjusting it to the tastes in different countries and locations. The Vitro X1 MIA offers a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a delicious and dense frothy layer to satisfy the tastes of every consumer. This machine can also produce a delicious froth even when using plant-based milks.

In addition to the many advantages of MIA, it is also possible to prepare tea and infusions to taste using fresh, clean hot water, thanks to the separate hot water service points.

If there is one thing that makes this machine stand out, it is its smart ability, allowing the preparation of drinks to be adapted to each market or location, establishing the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, the amount of coffee between 7 and 14 g, thanks to the AZK V30 variable chamber patented espresso group, and specify whether the milk should be liquid or frothy and hot or cold for each recipe.
Perfect for any type of venue

Azkoyen helps its customers to create unique experiences for people, which is why the Vitro X1 MIA has been designed to adapt to the needs of each client and each space, offering a wide variety of accessories, consumer payment options and modes of operation.
Due to its features, it is designed for environments with a consumption of up to 150 cups per day, making it suitable for offices, Coffee-to-Go establishments, convenience stores, hotels and service stations where service must be intuitive and fast.

Among the most important new features, it includes a fast, safe and extremely user-friendly automatic process that ensures perfect cleaning of the fresh milk system.

In order to meet the needs of the current environment, in terms of user safety and hygiene, this model allows product selection without any contact with the surface thanks to patented Distance Selection technology, which allows the user to select the product from a safe distance of up to 2 centimetres without any contact with the surface of the machine.
The Azkoyen Group has more than seventy-five years of experience in the development of technological innovations and that is why it offers solutions for companies and offices, hotels, convenience stores, transport and leisure, and public buildings in order to provide its customers with unique consumption experiences via its range of professional automatic coffee machines.


Azkoyen arrives at Baghdad International Airport with its hot and cold beverage vending machines

Azkoyen strengthens its presence in the Middle East with the installation of its vending machines at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

This airport already has some of these machines installed in the passenger arrivals area, specifically the Azkoyen brand Palma B machines for dispensing cans and bottles, and the Zensia for dispensing espresso coffee and other hot drinks.

The Palma B series is a traditional bottle dispenser that is notable for its large capacity and reliability.  The successful Zensia series has a minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive design with clean and attractive aesthetics. In addition, its large size allows the operator to increase the productivity of its vending service while being highly adaptable to all the markets.

Azkoyen offers solutions for companies, hotels and restaurants, convenience stores, transport and leisure, and public buildings such as airports, providing their customers with unique consumption experiences via the various automatic machines.

With this in mind, the company invests over 10 million euros a year in innovation in order to offer the best solutions on the market.

A strong foothold in the Middle East

The Azkoyen Group expands its global presence and thus strengthens its success in a region where its machines already serve countries such as Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. In Qatar, vending machines can already be found at the Qatar Foundation (QF) headquarters and several of its universities. In the Sultanate of Oman, Azkoyen machines dispense coffee and other hot beverages at Oman Oil service stations, the most prominent oil company in the country, as well as at Muscat International Airport.

Technology has no borders and nor do people’s needs, which is why the Azkoyen Group works every day taking a global view of its products and services.

The Azkoyen Group wins the award for best vending system supplier of the year for the sixth time

The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, which offers automated products and services designed to bring unique experiences to people in their daily lives, has received the NIVO Equipment Supplier (National Independent Vending Operators) award for the sixth time since 2013.

NIVO is one of the most important purchasing groups in the UK and this award recognises Coffetek, the Azkoyen trademark in Britain, as the best vending machine supplier of the year. Voting is carried out with the participation of more than 280 vending machine operators who are part of NIVO.

Juanje Alberdi, director of the Coffee & Vending Systems division, expressed his pride regarding this recognition: “The Azkoyen Group is very proud to have received this award for yet another year. It motivates us to keep working on helping to create unique consumer experiences with our coffee machines.
We have more than 75 years of experience developing technological innovations to adapt to the needs of our customers and end users. Examples include the patented Distance Selection technology, which is revolutionising the market by allowing drinks to be selected without touching the surface of the machine, and the recently patented MIA micro air injection technology, that
prepares a perfect, silky and consistent froth for a wide range of coffees and fresh milk drinks.”

The UK, a great ally for the company

The company has a strong presence in the UK, which is the location of one of the Azkoyen Group’s eight worldwide head offices, as well as one of the group’s three coffee machine factories.

And this is not the only award the company has received from the British vending industry. In previous years, the company has received the Vending Industry Awards “Vendies” as well as from the Associated Vending Services Limited (AVS) group, which operates more than 65,000 machines in the British market.

With these three awards, the Azkoyen Group continues its successful trajectory in the United Kingdom with its Coffetek brand. Technology has no borders and nor do people’s needs, which is why the Azkoyen Group is now present in 95 countries on five continents.

About NIVO

NIVO was founded in 1988 by like-minded entrepreneurs. It is a purchase group with over 280 operator members and over 90 supplier members, with the purpose of ensuring the best treatment possible for its members in the market. Regular meetings are held with all current members and future suppliers to analyse the performance of the business, organize the promotional material and seek innovation.